Mentoring Coaching

Athletes, artists, entrepreneurs, and successful professionals, continuously turn to a coach to improve themselves day by day.

Reaches balance and maximum effectiveness in all the areas.

We offer mentoring coaching and other services to help in the growth process.

Mentoring Coaching

Athletes, artists, entrepreneurs, and successful professionals, continuously turn to a coach to improve themselves day by day.

Reaches balance and maximum effectiveness in all the areas.

We offer mentoring coaching and other services to help in the growth process.

Mentoring coaching

It is one of the disciplines of coaching to help one increase one’s self-knowledge, develop maximum potential and achieve goals.

Mentoring coaching helps one identify and develop the most appropriate skills for personal or professional progress.

What is a mentoring coach?

A professional trainer and certified guides clients to discover their path by applying the coaching methodology.
The mentoring coach has the experience and specific skills to guide us in a self-reflective and non-invasive way to clear ourselves and generate our action plan.

Then, through the plan, achieve measurable goals and finally be able to reach them.

When is a mentor coach needed??

To enhance our skills and expand our knowledge, either personally or professionally.
When we need guidance to clarify the objectives of something we want to develop, establish a direction and an action plan.
When we want to identify and remove barriers that could hinder our development.
We are looking for a guide based on experience as a model for improvement.
When we want to learn to improve our skills and expand our knowledge.
When we require guidance to develop techniques and strategies.
Start your life transformation through a coaching process.

What are the differences between a mentor coach and a mentor?

We must know that the roles of a mentor and a coach are different. However, both can merge during the coaching process.

The most important thing is in agreement, depending on the goals established by the client.


Practiced more professionally. Tpically long-term, more than six months, and sometimes years.
Mentors do not usually have certifications; they have a great professional experience that they share.
Mentors tend to be very directive, teaching and educating.
Typically, they are unstructured and do not follow a specific plan.
The mentor speaks and is the center of the relationship.


Usually short-term, but can be transformed into mentoring.
Certification and experience are required to apply to coach correctly.
Unmanaged, the client develops and self-discovers how to achieve their results.
Very structured with methodologies and planning to achieve goals.
The coach asks and listens. The customer is the protagonist.

What are the skills of a good mentor coach?

Have a strong desire to help in the personal transformation of others.
Ask the appropriate questions, and then listen proactively.
Guide conversations to finally turn them into actions.
Assertively manage relationships seeking understanding and mutual respect.
Recognize strengths and challenge the customer to propel them forward.

Can maximize resources and inspire the client to develop.

Address problems head-on, allow the customer to dwell on them, and know when to stop.
Guide the client to handle themselves with responsibility and commitment towards their process.
Start your life transformation through a coaching process.

Why should I choose WL&C?

WL&C offers personal development and growth programs based on motivation and self-knowledge, allowing you to improve your skills and performance in any area of your life.

Our goal in mentoring coaching is to help you in your process of self-transformation as a person, your emotions, feelings, thought processing, interpretation of reality, perceptions of life, to guide you to achieve the desired state to which you aspire.

Advantages of our mentoring coaching

Trained, experienced, and certified therapists.
Individual treatments

In Spanish or English.

Face to face at our offices in Pembroke Pines, FL, or Online from the computer, tablet, or mobile.
Personal advice.
Affordable prices and payment facilities.
Start your life transformation through a coaching process.

Our additional services

Life Coaching

Learn how to manage and perceive life proactively to overcome personal limitations.

Personal Coaching

The healthiest and most effective way is to improve and advance modifying behaviors, such as harmful habits and patterns.

Couples Coaching

Develop a satisfying, committed, and fun relationship with or without a partner. Also, learn to resolve conflicts without affecting the relationship.

Family Coaching

Help build new healthy and balanced relationships between family members, improving coexistence.

young woman in online training - Wellness Life & Coaching

We also offer

Online training to become a professional life coach through the Life Coach Learning Center (LCLC)

Experiences of our clients

Victor Gonzalez
Victor Gonzalez
15. September, 2022.
Excellent coaching service capable of making me understand my problems and how to overcome them.
Mirielys Martinez
Mirielys Martinez
10. June, 2022.
Hace unos meses empecé a buscar ayuda para mi hija adolescente después de haber recurrido a varios psicólogos e incluso terapias .Mi hija con baja autoestima y reuniéndose con amistades que no eran las mejores tenía una rebeldía y carácter muy difíciles .Cuando empecé con el servicio aposté a todo para que ella mejorara y el principio ella no quería pero recuerdo que la primera sección con Coco su life coach fue una bendición .hubo gran empatía y desde el primer día mi hija reaccionó muy bien y gracias a esas secciones mi hija hoy se graduó de su high school ,empezó a pensar por si misma sus opciones en la vida ,descubrió por si misma que personas le aportaban y cuales le restaban ,ha sido una bendición encontrar este coaching ,creo que todos en nuestra vida necesitamos de alguna manera coaching pero cuando se trata de ser padres con hijos rebeldes y con baja autoestima es realmente lo mejor .Muy agradecida ,gracias Coco por tu dulzura y pasciencia
Gilberto Garcia
Gilberto Garcia
5. May, 2022.
Program has helped me change my life for the better. I have made a complete 180 and it could not have been done without their help. Amazing people and very understanding.
Liliana Gomez
Liliana Gomez
9. December, 2021.
Me encantan las sesiones de coaching con Ivette, nos ha ayudado muchísimo a mi y a mi familia a tener unas relaciones mucho más armoniosas y conscientes. Ivette te ayuda a que encuentres la respuesta en ti, te empoderes y logres lo deseado. Gracias Ivette 100% recomendada
Sandra Ochoa
Sandra Ochoa
9. December, 2021.
Ella es la mejor 🥰🥰🥰
Gabriela Gonzalez Aponte
Gabriela Gonzalez Aponte
22. February, 2021.
Great listener and warm person. I love how she guides me through my problems until I’m the one to solve them. Very grateful for her.

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