Personal Coaching

We all require a coach or a mentor to improve and advance in any substantial activity in our lives. We are here to help.

We offer all kinds of Coaching services to help make the changes needed in life.

Personal Coaching

We all require a coach or a mentor to improve and advance in any substantial activity in our lives. We are here to help.

We offer all kinds of Coaching services to help make the changes needed in life.

Personal Life Coach

A successful tool has boomed in recent years and has proven to increase self-esteem, self-worth, security, and motivation, improving mental, physical, and emotional health.

Personal coaching processes support people to make changes in one’s lives, modify and improve aspects of someone’s personality, to find solutions or tools to advance goals and objectives.

Personal coaching is the best investment for growth as an individual and a part of a family, an organization, and society.

Why choose WL&C?

WL&C offers personal growth and development programs based on motivation and self-knowledge, allowing clients the opportunity to improve their skills and performance in any area of life.

Our purpose is to help one recognize and improve essence, emotions, feelings, thought processing, interpretation of reality, and perceptions of life to guide and achieve what wants.

Start your life transformation through a coaching process.

How is a personal coaching process carried out?

We start with a good relationship between the personal coach and the client. Then we use a series of tools and techniques such as teaching programs designed for clients.

The goal is to aid the client find what can motivate and propel them to go.

A coaching relationship is built on the foundations of trust and credibility; to create the relationship takes considerable time, and this involves several stages:

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  • Establish weekly sessions focused on in-depth analysis related to the needs established in coaching.
  • Discover the limitations associated with the situation.
  • Discover where the customer wants to go and identify the objectives to achieve it.
  • Invite the client to reflect and evaluate one’s potential.
  • Direct the client to maintain focus and drive one into action.
  • Create new perspectives and beliefs that help the client advance the purpose of coaching.
  • Measure results and create awareness to transform one’s life permanently.

As coaching progresses, due to the availability and commitment of the client, the relationship evolves, resulting in a long-term firm relationship of trust, which often leads the coach to become a mentor coach.

Who should do personal coaching?

Someone who feels that life is limited and cannot move forward.
Individuals who want to improve their performance and productivity.
In a couple, one wants to grow personally to transform the relationship.
Someone who wants to establish or improve relationships with one’s partner, family, and work.
Someone with business, professional, or work projects.
Young ones, or adults, who want to clarify the life goals and set goals.
Parents with children or adolescents of behavior problems.
Individuals belonging to the LGBT community


Someone who want to improve different aspects and achieve a fuller life

Benefits of our coaching sessions

Personal, in pairs or small groups.
In Spanish or English.
Face to face at our offices in Pembroke Pines, Fl, or Online from a computer, tablet, or mobile.
Personalized advice with theory and practice sessions.
Affordable; prices and payment facilities.
Start your life transformation through a coaching process.

Our additional services

Life Coaching

Learn how to manage and perceive life proactively to overcome personal limitations.

Couples Coaching

Develop a satisfying, committed, and fun relationship with or without a partner. Also, learn to resolve conflicts without affecting the relationship.

Family Coaching

Help build new healthy and balanced relationships between family members, improving coexistence.

Mentoring Coaching

It is a practical learning resource to develop specific personal and professional skills.

young woman in online training - Wellness Life & Coaching

We also offer

Online training to become a professional life coach through the Life Coach Learning Center (LCLC)

Experiences of our clients

Ivette is an excellent professional in all aspects, I extremely support my family and partner relationship. I am deeply grateful for every detail you put into our therapy. My first choice always. Thanks, Ivette!

Cecilia Manchego

Great listener and warm person. I love how she guides me through my problems until I’m the one to solve them. Very grateful for her.

Gabriela Aponte

I really liked the integral health program. Definitely learned a lot from it that I should’ve known before. I feel a lot better about myself and learned how to love myself much more. I absolutely believe that everyone should get the chance to experience this.

Karen Torres

Muy profesional y excelente trato. Da herramientas muy útiles para solución de problemas y como vivir una vida plena y feliz.

Daphne Saldaña

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